Neo iPad Holder - NPH-45

iPad Holder for the front cabin of your vehicle.

Front Seat iPad Car Holder

The Neo Pro Holder for the front cabin of your vehicle, the NPH-45, is the best way to functionally integrate your iPad with your vehicle! This is not just some ordinary holder for your iPad - The Neo iPad Smart Holder takes that simple idea and expands it, having someplace to put your iPad where you want it, letting you place it on your terms!

The Neo Smart Pro Holder for iPads is compatible with any vehicle you can throw its way. If you have a car, truck, jeep, van, SUV, coupe or sedan - this will be able to fit into your vehicle. It is able to hold both the current iPad and the upcoming iPad 3Gs so you are ready for Apple products today and tomorrow. The NPH-45 allows you to tilt, swivel, extend and retract your iPad in almost every direction for perfect viewing and typing access from anywhere in your vehicle. A full motion mount like this is pefect for the versitility you will need in any driving or parked situation making it an excellent choice for every driver due to its wide versatility.

The NPH-45 starts with choosing where you want to place the open connection base; whether at the bottom of your passenger seat, connected underneath the dashboard or anywhere else in the front of your car, the choice is yours! This open connection is just the beginning in our revolutionary design. You are not limited in where you want to control your iPad. You can have it right next to you, so you can control your music on the iPad like a DJ mixing a record or against the dashboard so you can search the internet like the police do on their laptop. By simply allowing you to choosing the place where you want to position your iPad, you can control how the interior of your car looks - You are no longer saddled down with how some engineer thinks your vehicle should look like or how they think you are going to use your iPad.

You then move from the open base to a classic gooseneck design. You may have seen this simple and elegant design in a lamp allowing light to shine wherever you want in your room simply by pointing the base where it needs to go. Our engineers took this concept and applied it to the NPH-45, so you can have your iPad shine wherever you want it in your vehicle by simply pointing it where you want it to go. The gooseneck is not just a beautiful black mast protruding 18 inches from your vehicle, but with an added bonus of a bendable shape your iPad can be positioned in nearly 360' from where you connected the base to your vehicle. With the NPH-45, not only can the driver use the iPad, but with a simple movement of the gooseneck the passenger can quickly and easily position the iPad for their personal use, with plenty of availability for stops in between for both driver and passenger to enjoy any app, music or internet option the iPad has to offer!

With the gooseneck shaft and the open connection, simply put - you have the ability to place the iPad virtually ANYWHERE in your car. With this revolutionary design, the Neo Smart iPad Holder allows you to pivot the iPad to be placed in the exact position you desire. You don't have to worry about where to place your iPad or having to be forced to put it in some odd or out of the way place, someplace where you have to strain you neck to see it or have a hard time typing and searching the touch screen. The Neo Smart iPad Holder is designed so you can operate it in your most comfortable position.

Our engineers have also made sure that they used heavy duty lightweight construction when designing the gooseneck rod. Heavy duty lightweight may seem like a contradiction but it is actually fairly straightforward - we use the highest quality parts that are considered 'heavy duty' which means our iPad holder is extremly stable with limited or no movement and because it is made of aluminum, the iPad Holder is extremely lightweight, which means it can be moved easily. This superior stability means that when you place your iPad where you want it, it will stay there - no worries involved. As you drive your vehicle you can rest your mind because the Neo Smart Pro Holder will not move around, no matter if you speed up your car, during a quick stop, or any potholes you encounter. This stable support is something you can count on while driving or standing still.

Not only does the lightweight aluminum that is used have a high strength value which means that it will hold the iPad where you put it, but it is easy to move. Because it is lightweight, you can move it around without too much of an effort - no struggling to move a cradle for proper placement or screwing and unscrewing a placement bolt in order to get it where you want. The flexiblity you enjoy will will allow you repositioning as often as you desire with a smoth, effortless motion so you can use or view the iPad anywhere in your vehicle. Also because of the adjustablity, when you are not use the iPad you can use the same technology to move your iPad out of the way for safe driving. This is adjustable enough that you can even 'hide' the connector while parked for vehicle security if you have it installed in a proper location.

If you placed the NPH-45 on your passenger seat or near your armrest, you can position the iPad in between the seats so a back seat passenger can watch DVD's, surf the web, play with an app or navigate with a GPS system. There are several options for displaying and holding you iPad, so the options for installing it for so your passengers in the back can see it are near endless. You can show video's for the kids using iTunes, let them navigate using a map app, let them read a book with kindle or use one of the other options that you can use with the iPad. We also have the NPH-35 available exclusively for customers who would like something for back seat passengers.

Finally, you move from the gooseneck shaft to the actual iPad mount. This mount is specially designed to safely and securely keep your iPad attached to the end of the gooseneck. You are able to fasten your iPad tightly in its holder to prevent its from moving or even worse falling off during movement. The tight grip is helped by utilizing the 30-pin dock connector at the bottom of the iPad, so there is an added level of protection in holding the iPad in place and keeping it snug and basically where you want it. The best part is the 30-pin dock connector in the Neo Smart iPad Holder is a pass through as the other side has a 30-pin dock input. You might be asking what does that mean for you and your iPad and the answer is very amazing, you can link you Neo iPod adapter directly to your iPad!

Link with Neo iPod Adapter to the Neo Smart iPad Holder and you have a fully functional cradle that allows you to control, charge and hold your iPad from your vehicle. The Neo iPod Adapter you have comes with a 30-pin connector that normally connects to the bottom of your iPod, touch, iPhone or iPad. Since the 30-pin connector on your iPad is connected to the cradle mount on the Neo Smart iPad Holder, that is where the 30-pin input on the back of the cradle mount comes into play. Connect the iPod Adapter to the holder and viola - your iPad is now connected to your vehicle. Since the iPad is much like the the iPhone and the iPod Touch, it is recomended that your iPod Adapter be placed in direct mode. While in direct mode, you can control the volume and track up and down of your iPad from your radio and if you have it, your steering wheel controls. The direct mode also allows you to still control everything from iPad directly - which is great because you can place your iPad anywhere using the mount you can find the easiest position for you to control your device.

The iPad uses the latest charging capacity from Apple, a 5 Volt charge. Since the Neo Smart iPad Holder has a 30-Pin passthrough connector on it, you have the ability to charge your iPad while in your vehicle. While linked, the charging capabilities of the Neo iPod Adapter transfer over to the Neo Smart iPad Holder. If your Neo iPod Adapter does not have 5-Volt charging capabilities, let us know and we can update your adapter so your iPad adapter will be able to charge while you drive. If your vehicle is one of the few that is not compatible with a Neo iPod Adapter, simply contact us at support@neocaraudio.com or 619-704-0690 and we can work with you to get charging to from your vehicle to your Neo Smart iPad Holder.

So in recap - you have superior stability and amazing flexibility. A revolutionary connecting bracket that allows for stable support and unprecedented adjustment throughout the front cabin of your vehicle so you can place your iPad in a position of comfort. The gooseneck design provides pivots numerous points to allow you the exact position you desire the iPad to be when in use or even when not in use. In addition to the near infinite placement of your iPad, the Neo Pro Holder has a few smart features to make it stand out. It has an iPod Dock connector on it – which allows added stability when the iPad is locked into the holder. When you link it with the latest Neo iPod Adapter, your NPH-45 will now be able to charge your iPad. Using the Neo iPod Adapter and Holder together also allows you to play the music from the iPad – making it the best fully functional multimedia holder for your vehicle! The 30-pin passthrough allows you a link to the Neo iPod Adapter so you can keep the control of your music from your radio. If you have a 5-Volt charging capable adapter, you can charge your adapter while in your vehicle.

Just some important safety instructions. Please do not install the Neo Smart iPad Holder at a location where the airbag will inflate as it can cause damage to not only your iPad, but to you or any passangers. Do not operate the iPad while vehicle is in motion. Video in motion is against many state and city laws and we are not responsible for misuse of our product. Enjoy the music!


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